The Egg Model of Leadership Systems

What is Our Philosophy?

Everyone was born a leader but has to become the leader they were born to be. Each and every person has a leadership potential in him or her but has to undergo the process of becoming the leader they were born to be. The Egg Model we propose simply models the instinctive traits of the hen hatching her chicks and rearing them to their full capacity.

How Does The Model Work?

Three levels of developing your leadership by applying The Egg Model:

E – Evolve (Discover the leadership potential in you)
G- Growth (Nurture the seed of leadership in you)
G- Guidance (Grow seeds to help better other people’s lives – become an influence)

Ernest Moses

Leadership | Coaching

Ernest Moses is a transformational speaker, leadership trainer, progressive coach and author with a mandate for raising model leaders to be change makers. Ernest’ vision is seeing everyone discover himself or herself (Self - discovery) and also to discover the treasure within them and to live to the greatest heights of achievement. In view of this vision, his primarily message is teaching his audience the principle of Living from the inside out. He believes that everything you want in life begins from within you. Ernest teaches this principle in, workshops, , and webinars

  • seminars
  • conferences and webinars
  • and through coaching/ mentoring programs all over the world.